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Goose Feather & Down Information

Natural goose feather and down duvets should be treated just like 100% down duvets.

A properly covered natural feather and down duvet will not require cleaning very often, perhaps once a year. Your duvet can be dry cleaned, though washing with water and a mild cleaning solution, specially formulated for down and feather, is the recommended method.

You can dry your duvet on the line or tumble dry on a low temperature setting to allow for maximum loft in your duvet. Ensure that it's dried thoroughly to avoid any mildew forming. This is a very important part of looking after your duvet and keeping it as fresh as when you first aquired it.

Through the summer time, when the weather is too warm for your winter duvet, maybe the best idea is to store it away in a warm dry cupboard. Use a storage bag that has adequate ventilation, like the one which we provide for you when you first purchase the duvet.

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